About Us
It’s a simple idea, really. Offer reliable local home phone, internet, and long distance products just like the big telecom companies – only do it without acting anything like a big telecom companies.

That’s what OneTone Telecom, Inc. is all about. Since 1996, we’ve given people just like you innovative Pay As You Go prepaid products – without the big company hassles. No credit checks. No deposits. No contracts. Just the quality products you need at terms that make sense.

Most big telecom companies require deposits, credit checks, contracts, and unnecessary personal information – info that’s just waiting to be compromised. Why do they need all this? Perhaps it’s a matter of trust. (Or lack thereof.) OneTone Telecom, Inc. does not require a deposit, credit check, or contract.

Quite simply, OneTone Telecom, Inc. believes your personal information should stay personal, your deposit should stay in your pocket, and your local home phone and internet services should stay on – on your own terms.